GOD! THIS GIRL LOOKS SO GOOD! Just check out her nice physique. She’s got a blemish free skin, nice shape, perfect structure, glowing colour, and…. God! She even has a perfect height!

Waoh! she’s endowed!! I wish I could just be like her…. Gosh!

Oh Allah! Why now? Why me? Why am I this short? I don’t even have the right contours, no smooth skin, my face never gets loose from the shackles of the pimples and spots that have posited themselves over it! And to think that I have used all kinds of face cleansers but all to no avail… these were the thoughts that ran through my mind when I went to Habeebah’s room to pay her visit and caught a glimpse of her beauty. But in seconds that passed, my thoughts changed instantly and I began to weep and feel I never thought as such.

It was while I was still querying Allah for my kind of person that I saw this girl walk into the room. Did I say walk? I meant CRAWL! Yes, you read the right words CRAWL!

Faridah and Habeebah’s room mate had just gone out to take their bath when I entered the room. She had to leave her wheel chair outside, crawl into the room and was later assisted in bringing the wheel chair into the room.

With mouth agape, I kept staring at her while she went on doing “her things” in a jolly go happy way. She went about her daily activities as if all was just perfect for her- even though she had some difficulty rising from the wheel chair to her bed and at times had to seek assistance for some things she well couldn’t do because of her condition, but that still didn’t make her broad smiles disappear!

Her cupboard was neatly arranged and she had to rise albeit difficulty, to pick some things in it. Her movement around campus was limited because she couldn’t climb the stairs and had to take her bath sitting on a chair.

She had developed a hunch back because of the way she had to wheel herself around school and her hands were not proportionate to her body. I later got to know that she was not born handicapped but polio made her so!

Despite these deformities, Faridah was still a happy fellow! All along as I kept staring at her (though trying to avoid her glances at times) she went about her activities like all was just perfect for her.

At a point, I just couldn’t control my tears as I realized the trial placed on Faridah. It was while I was trying to wipe my tear stained face that she saw me and moved closer to me to ask what was wrong. Without waiting for me to give her a response, she started consoling me and kept on telling me to put my trust in Allah for whatever it may be that was troubling me. She quoted several verses of the Qur’an and told me that “be thankful in all situations for whatever disappointment, there is always a lesson” it was this statement of hers that broke the horse’s back as I couldn’t stand the guilt any longer that I had to run out of the room, leaving her perplexed.

What a turn of event! I, who have well enough things that she didn’t have physical) and was meant to admonish her was there, being admonished by her!

I cried my eyes out that night and continued saying Istighfaar (forgiveness) and Shukr (thanks) till I slept off on my bed! I wished I never queried Allah for my physique because later when I started counting his other blessings and favours on me, they were just innumerable!

That made me remember the saying that

“ in terms of wordly things, look unto those below you, and in terms of knowledge, look unto those above you”.


Culled from wise ladies outreach, vol 2 no.3. article by Ghaniyah Suraqah.