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How to Make Your Husband Happy


The following is part ONE of a summary of the book "How to make your  husband happy"

1- Beautiful Reception

After returning from work, school, travel, or whatever has separated you, begin with a good greeting.

  • Meet him with a cheerful face.
  • Beautify and perfume yourself.
  • Start with good news and delay any bad news until he has rested.
  • Receive him with loving and yearning sentences.
  • Make hard efforts for excellence of the food & having it ready on time.

2- Beautify and Soften the Voice

For your husband only, it shouldn't be used in front of non-mahram men (men who can marry you if you were unmarried).

3- Smelling Good and Physical Beautification

  • Taking good care of your body and fitness.
  • Put on nice and attractive clothes and perfumes.
  • Bath regularly and, after the monthly period, remove any blood traces or bad smells.
  • Avoid that your husband observes you in dirty clothes or rough shape.
  • Avoid prohibited types of ornamentation, e.g. tatoo.
  • Use the types of perfumes, colors, and clothes that the husband likes.
  • Change hair style, perfumes, etc. from time to time.
  • However with these things you should avoid excessiveness and, of course, only act as such in front of mahram men and women.

4- Intercourse

  • Hasten for intercourse when your husband feels compulsion for it.
  • Keep your body clean and smelling good as possible including cleaning yourself of released fluids during intercourse.
  • Exchange loving phrases with your husband.
  • Leave your husband to fully satisfy his desire.
  • Choose suitable times and good occasions for exciting your husband, and encouraging him to do intercourse, e.g. after returning from a travel, weekends, etc.

5- Satisfaction With What Allah (SWT) Has Allotted

  • You shouldn't be depressed because your husband is poor or works in a simple job.
  • You should look at poor, sick, and handicapped people and remember Allah (SWT) for all that was given to you.
  • You should remember that real wealth lays in Iman and piety.



Sheikh Mohammed Abdelhaleem Hameed